Warelight Indirect/Direct Suspended Architectural Lighting Fixture GC ME 332 

Warelight Indirect/Direct Suspended Architectural Lighting Fixture GC ME 332 

Product Review

Finding the right lighting solution may seem like a big task, but we have everything you need to make an informed decision. If you are considering adding the indirect/direct suspended architectural lighting fixture GC ME 332 to your lighting plan, there are a few things to know about this solution when deciding if it is right for your location.

What is it?

The indirect/direct suspended architectural lighting fixture GC ME 332 is a lighting solution of high standards. It is designed for use in a range of settings and can accommodate almost any location need with the versatility of the design.

What are the features?

This economical and functional fixture comes in your choice of fluorescent or LED bulb compatibility ballast. With three lamps designs like this, you get a good amount of lumen output for a variety of spaces in need of proper lighting solutions. It has an instant start ballast and a ballast factor of Normal.87-.88, as well as a voltage of 120-277. It is a traditional T8 so you get improved efficiency with this model. It is available in dimensions of 52.5" length, 10.75" width, and a height of 2.875". It offers a clear white color in the light output while providing a gentle down lighting to evenly illuminate the ceiling. It can provide up to 70% energy savings when compared to HID lighting solutions in the same range. The canopy kit is included for added value. It is UL qualified and comes with a lengthy warranty. When it comes to mounting, it includes durable stainless wire chains that easily run through the openings. Built to be long lasting, the housing is made of steel with a powder coating for added protection. These are an affordable lighting solution that still gives great performance and long life span for a great return on your lighting investment costs.

Final Thoughts

When you need a light that is budget-friendly without making a sacrifice on dependable performance or longevity, this is a solid choice. It offers reliable energy saving cost returns, especially when updated to LED bulbs.

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