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If you run a business, there are a few things that are more important than your commercial sign lighting. Your sign acts as a billboard, announcing your company to potential customers and helping people locate your business. However, when it's not working, you stand the chance of losing customers and missing out on profits that can help you get ahead. Fortunately, we carry all varieties of commercial sign lights using the powers of LED, so that you can keep your company illuminated all year round.

Reasons to use LED for commercial sign lights:

  • LED offers a bright output to increase visibility. You want your business sign to be bright and easy to see to help attract customers. With LED, you get a high lumen output with a concentrated light spread to help do just that.
  • It operates on a lower wattage to save on energy costs. While LED offers a high lumen output for better visibility, it also offers a lower wattage of energy consumed to create this illumination. This will help you get the visibility you need without spending too much on monthly utility costs.
  • LED offers a better color rendering index. Color rendering is how well a light solution distinguishes between colors which can be especially important for a business sign. LED has one of the highest color rendering indexes available, so your customers can easily read words written in color without strain.
  • The lamps last longer for easier maintenance. Constantly changing out lamps on a road sign can be a time consuming and costly endeavor. LED lasts up to 4 times longer than other lamp solutions which makes them ideal for a business looking to save time and money.

Our LED commercial sign lights offer a variety of convenient features that make them easier to use and more versatile than other options. For example, find a range of lumen outputs and wattages to fit a diverse set of business needs. Each lamp also contains specialized, sealed aluminum extensions designed to feature clear acrylic lenses, which makes them ideal for outdoor use and ensures that they'll be bright and highly visible for your customers.

To learn more about these lamps or to find out which length would be ideal for your business, contact our team today. Our representatives can help ensure that your purchase goes smoothly and that you get all of the commercial sign lighting implements you need to keep your business shining bright day in and day out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Commercial Sign Lighting?

Commercial Sign Lighting is outdoor lighting that is used to illuminate exterior signs or billboards. Outdoor sign lights focus light in a way that a sign can be visible from a distance which makes its associated location easy to identify and locate. Here are some examples of typical business sign light fixtures:

Where is Commercial Sign Lighting used?

Commercial Sign Lighting can be found anywhere that highlights a specific location including retail stores, restaurants, roadway billboards, businesses, government offices or shopping malls. For example, outdoor lighted business signs can be found at almost every business and billboard lights are used all along our roadways. Here are some examples of commercial sign lights:

What are the different types of Commercial Sign Lighting?

Commercial Sign Lights typically use a focused beam of light to illuminate letters and/or pictures on a sign. Small flood lights and angled gooseneck lights are standard types of fixtures used for this.

They are usually mounted just above or below the sign that they are lighting. They can also be mounted on the ground and pointed up towards the sign.

Since they are typically used outdoors, Commercial Sign Lights must be damp or wet rated.

What are the benefits of LED Commercial Sign Lighting?

LED outdoor sign Lights offer many benefits. These fixtures are instant-on when powered up, they do not flicker or need to warm up. The light is uniform and tends not to degrade over time. They have a very long life and are more efficient than other lighting options, which is crucial due to the fact that they are used every day and are turned on for long periods of time. Since sign lights can be difficult to reach without the aid of a lift or a ladder, LED sign lighting is a great option since their long life means that they need to be replaced much less often.