What Makes Construction Lighting Different

What Makes Construction Lighting Different

The types of lighting available are as varied as the locations requiring illumination. In the busy world of construction, the matter of lighting is paramount to a safe and successful site. A construction site is one of the most complicated and unique areas to light due to the very nature of it. So, what makes construction lighting different?


When looking at the main elements of what makes construction lighting different, the first and most obvious area is the overall durability. A construction site is prone to pretty rough conditions so the lighting solutions need to be tougher than the average light. Construction lighting is a specialty category of light solutions made with this in mind. Most options are UL, IP, and NEMA rated for exposure to elements such as dust, water, and gas. This ensures the light will maintain performance without worry of damages. Most construction lights are also made with explosion or shatterproof fixtures to avoid the scenario of broken lenses or accidents from shards of glass.


Another aspect setting construction lighting apart from other types of lighting is performance ability. Since the location requires a wide light spread with a lot of power behind, construction lighting offers some of the highest lumen outputs. It also offers a long light spread distance, sometimes upwards of 60 feet or more. There are also warning lights that offer an impressive visibility at 3,000 feet away making them especially ideal for construction areas with drivers present.

There are other matters of performance which are unique to construction lighting solutions. Many options operate on LED which means no heat loss. This makes the lamps safer to touch without adding any extra heat to the space. Another matter of importance is run time. With a construction light, you want to be able to turn it on and not worry about it for the rest of the work time. With many construction lights offering impressive 25-30 hour run times, this makes it easier than ever to create a well-lit construction site. Best of all, the lights are rechargeable which makes them a great solution for the unique needs of the environment. Construction lights are also incredibly durable, and the performance offers impressive longevity overall.


Finally, construction lighting is quite different from regular lighting in that it is portable. While other light fixtures are installed to a permanent spot such as the ceiling or wall, construction lighting is made to move from one location to the next based on the needs of the project. From string lights to spotlights, construction lighting needs to be able to go from one site to the next and the portable factor ensures it is possible.

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