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Linear High Bay LED Lights 

Lighting for high bay ceilings requires thoughtfully designed fixtures. When you combine the overall design with the incredible power of LED found in our selection of linear LED high bay lighting fixtures, you get a warehouse lighting solution that is practical, affordable, and high-functioning. LED lights are known for saving money. Not only do they consume less energy to cut down on utility costs, they also offer longer burn times than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. In some models, bulbs last for up to 50,000 hours. Another benefit of LEDs compared to other bulbs is the lower temperature means they can be left on for hours on end without issue making them great for work areas.

Here's how to select the right Linear High Bay LED Lights

We offer a diverse selection of LED linear high bay light fixtures from leading brands such as Texas Fluorescents, WareLite, and more, for quality and performance of the highest standards. These linear LED high bay fixtures are available in various wattages, voltages, lumen outputs, color temps and other important specifications, to help you find the great lighting options that will work best for your location.

LED high bay lighting is light source available in your choice of bulb number, height, width, and depth to accommodate a wide range of needs for industrial and commercial spaces. Designed to replace various models of HID and MH lighting, our LED linear high bay light fixtures are easy to install with various knockouts for wiring already implanted in the design. These LED high bay fixtures are built to last with UL listings of wet or damp locations in most models and lengthy warranties from the manufacturer.

Looking for a dimmable model of LED high bays? We have several options capable of this function. Need certain color temperatures for a seamless lighting solution to match your cling? We have you covered. Add the power of uniform light to your high ceilings today with these reliable options!

At, we are committed to being your source for all your lighting needs. We offer the best brands in the lighting industry to cover a wide scope of applications and multiple fixtures to choose from. Our friendly lighting experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have while shopping or assist you further in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Linear High Bay Lights

Below are some of the most common questions about linear LED high bay lighting. You can also go to our Lighting FAQ page or visit our Resources & Education library for additional information.

What are Linear High Bay lights?

Linear high bay light fixtures are used to brighten big indoor areas with higher ceilings (normally 20 to 45 feet from the floor). The large space between ceiling and floor necessitates that a linear high bay light provides a high lumen output and the light needs to be focused down and out from the fixture. Linear high bays tend to be rectangular in shape as opposed to other types of high bays that are round or “bell” shaped. They can be mounted directly to the ceiling or hung with chains or cables.

Where are Linear High Bay lights used?

Given their placement, linear high-bay lights are excellent fits for commercial or industrial spaces. Instances include retail stores, factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars, and manufacturing areas. They are also ideal for conference halls, event centers, large recreational facilities, and fitness centers. All of these areas need adequate illumination from ceiling heights of 20 feet or more.

What are the different types of LED Linear High Bay lights?

There have been many improvements in lighting technology over the years and each type has its own benefits and drawbacks over the other. Amongst the types of bulbs or arrays that can be used for high bay lighting are fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium and LED. Metal halide or high pressure sodium lights aren’t as expensive to purchase at the outset but have a briefer lifespan than fluorescent or LED. Other concerns include long warm up times and less than ideal color rendering. Modern LED lighting, on the other hand, offers extremely long life and energy efficiency but requires a bigger initial investment.

What are the benefits of LED Linear High Bay lights?

LED lighting technology has developed to the point that it can overcome most of the drawbacks of the technologies previously listed here.

  • Lighting quality is the best choice in terms of color rendering, color temperature and lumen output (compared to wattage used).
  • They have a much lengthier lifetime which means that the lights need to be replaced less often than other types. This is particularly important when it comes to high bay lighting in large areas which requires lifts or scaffolding to reach the fixtures.
  • Although LED lighting is more costly at the outset upon point of purchase, costs are more than made up over the long term due to the fact that they utilize much less energy than conventional lights. This saves on utility costs over time. They also don’t waste energy emitted as heat. Finally, the other types of lights listed above are omnidirectional, which means that they produce a 360 degree output. With linear LED high bay lighting, the light needs to be directed down and out towards the floor. Much of this is squandered or needs to be directed using a reflector. LED linear high bays have a more focused light beam which means that nothing is wasted.

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