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Steel Tapered Round Light Poles

As a customer or employee concerned with safety, a business with poor or inadequate parking lot lighting makes for a scary walk to the car when leaving a business. As a business owner, ensuring the safety of others when they visit your establishment should be a top priority. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is with proper lighting provided by steel tapered street light poles.

We offer high-quality steel tapered street light poles essential for any parking lot or area in need of proper lighting after nightfall. These poles are incredibly sturdy due to the steel and baked on powder topcoat making them a long-lasting solution to your lighting worries. In addition to being durable, the steel tapered street light poles we offer feature an attractive appearance with their black semi-matte finish and smooth, rounded shape, made to accommodate any d├ęcor or architecture.

They are offered in a variety of heights from 25 feet to 50 feet so you can find the one right height for your individual parking lot. With higher steel tapered street light poles, the area illuminated has a wider scope for extra brightness. These poles are ideal for larger parking lots, areas facing the street or areas that may have surrounding places offering easy view obstruction, such as bushes, trees, or other places where thieves may try to surprise your customers, for extra security measures. For businesses with smaller parking lots, a shorter light pole should offer sufficient lighting. Every street light pole shown features drill configuration mounts to allow for easy attachment of a coordinating light element. These options come complete with electrical ground lug and large hand hole with steel cover for easy wiring, as well as pole caps, anchor bolts, and base cover.

When it comes to proper lighting for your business, the most important component is the safety proper illumination can provide to your customers and employees. If you have questions about how our sturdy light poles can help you accomplish this goal, our team of lighting specialists are here to assist you in finding the right sized pole for your location.