Racetrack Lighting

When it comes to lighting, the right fixtures and solutions will depend on the location itself. For a location as unique as a racetrack, the lighting needs to meet specific requirements. For starters, racetrack lighting needs to be bright enough for visibility without being overly bright to cause distractions or glares. It should also be efficient and long lasting to avoid a lot of repairs or replacements. Let's take a look at a few ideas for racetrack lighting to help you make the most of this unique location.


When looking at racetrack lighting, you should choose the right lamp as a starting point. Once you decide the lamp type, it's easier to narrow down the available fixtures. LED is the best choice for this unique location for a few obvious reasons. It offers the best lumen output for the lowest wattages of energy consumed. This ensures a bright visibility without spending too much on energy costs which is especially important in such a large location. LED is also flicker free with no warm-up time, so they are ready to go as soon as you need them and offer consistent illumination while operating. LEDs also last a long time which will help cut down on replacement time and cost. Another benefit of LEDs worth considering is the impressive performance in terms of color rendering and color temperature scale. Color rendering is important for night races to help the eyes tell the difference between colors which is important for both drivers and spectators alike. Color temperature gives you more diversity in whether you want warm, yellow lights or brighter white lights.


The main type of light fixture for this unique location is floodlights. These powerful fixture heads are placed up high on poles and directed so the light spread is cast on the track for visibility and safety. Floodlights are available in a few different options to help you get the right outcome. For instance, you can mount just one fixture head to the pole or in some configurations up to four heads for even more light. These options come with great features like wet rated listings, dust resistance thanks to well-gasketed designs, durable metal housings, and more. Best of all, they offer a wide cast scope of illumination while diffusers can help eliminate glares which creates the ideal lighting solution for driving at night.

Parking Lot Lights

The other element of racetrack lighting pertains to the cars off the track. Parking lot lighting is an important element to ensure the safety of spectators attending the event. A good idea for this area would be cobra head lights since they offer a concentrated light spread and attractive appearance for any parking lot. The key to parking lot lighting is to add visibility that isn't overpowering or too harsh, and cobra head offers just the right level of illumination in an affordable solution perfect for large-scale locations like parking lots.