Recessed Can, High Hat Lights, Retrofit LED Downlights

We carry a large selection of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8-inch high hat lights and can light in both IC and NON IC versions for insulated and non-isolated ceilings. Our fixtures are UL approved and offer many decorative trims for your recessed lighting application. LED high hat retrofits are also available for your recessed can lighting fixtures. With our great selection of options, you can find the hardware you need to finish your next project with ease.


Whether you are making repairs and replacements or installing a new system, having the right tools will make getting the high hat lights you require easy. IC, or insulation contact, means that your LED high hats can contact insulation. Non-IC options should be placed several inches away from insulation to avoid complications, and absolutely cannot come into direct contact with it. Line voltage and low voltage options are available, as well. Line voltage options can be directly plugged into a household’s default electrical system and operate with ease. Low voltage requires a special transformer and is great for high contrast or accent lighting applications. 

In addition to our selection of high hat light options, we also have a great selection of trim styles that will help you get the look and functionality you desire. From adjustable options that can give you variable, flexible lighting to purely decorative models to reflectors that maximize the amount of light you get from your bulbs, there are many options to consider. With our powerful LED high hats, you will have great light options that are both effective and efficient. Save money with long lasting, durable light fixtures that do not need repairs or replacements for years. Also, a lower energy consumption means a reduction in your energy bill! 

We can help you find the perfect match for your lighting needs. Feel free to contact our expert customer support representatives if you have questions or need more information. We are dedicated to helping people outfit their homes, offices, and warehouses with the best lighting products on the market, so they can enjoy great visibility every day.