Commercial Bathroom Lighting

Commercial Bathroom Lighting

For most businesses, the bathroom tends to be a matter of function rather than style or beauty. In fact, many commercial locations have rather drab, basic bathrooms. One of the easiest ways to upgrade this space is by improving the lighting setup. Here are 3 tips on how to take your commercial bathroom lighting from boring and inefficient to something elevated in both appearance and function.

1. Find the right temperature

One of the easiest ways to upgrade commercial bathroom lighting is to look at color temperature. Many bathrooms choose a cooler color temperature in an attempt to create an image of cleanliness in the space. Others choose cooler temperatures because they believe it helps with visibility. While color temperature does play a role in visibility and the way the eyes adjust to light levels, the key to visibility is actually lumen output, not color temperature. When looking at this aspect of lighting, the goal should be to make the color comfortable enough that the eyes don’t have to adjust drastically compared to the lighting of the rest of the location. With a warmer color temperature, you create more ambiance which may be ideal for your location, and it makes looking in the mirror more pleasant for your patrons. Opt for a color temperature of around 3700k to 4000k to create the right color temperature in the space.

2. Pay attention to mirrors

One of the most obvious yet still surprisingly overlooked aspects of commercial bathroom lighting isn’t about the actual light itself. With commercial bathrooms, the mirrors are often large, commercial grade mirrors in large sheets mounted directly to the wall above the sinks. When it comes to lighting with mirrors, it is important to make sure the light will not clash with the reflective nature of the mirror. If the light is placed facing the mirror with a harsh direct light fall, it will create a glare. A good way to avoid this is to pay attention to the direction light falls in general, as well as options for fixtures with warmer temperatures, lower lumen outputs, and fixtures designed with more indirect light than direct light.

3. Don’t ignore accent lighting

Too many times, businesses focus only on general lighting and cut out accent lighting. Accent light is a great tool when used properly for any commercial space, even the bathroom. While general lighting is always useful, accent lighting may be the better route for bathrooms. Accent lighting can be placed directly over the stalls and sink area to create a gentle ambient lighting outcome. However, keep in mind, if you are choosing accent lighting, recessed lighting over the mirrors will probably be too dim of an effect. You should opt for fixture lighting in this area that still gives off gentle lighting while aiding overall visibility.

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