RAB Lighting LED Vaporproof Wall Mounted Light

RAB Lighting LED Vaporproof Wall Mounted Light

Product Review

Lighting matters for many reasons. It can improve visibility making areas safer and help with performing tasks. When it comes to outdoor lighting, it needs to meet those requirements as well as a few others, like durability, longevity, and style. With the RAB Lighting LED Vaporproof wall mount unit, you get the dependable performance you need, coupled with elevated style elements.

What Is It?

It is a high-performing LED fixture with a vapor proof enclosure. Vapor proof means the inner workings of the lamp, including the electrical elements and the bulb, are protected from water, dirt, dust, and rust, for a truly long-lasting lighting accessory.

What Are the Features?

When looking at this type of fixture, we have to acknowledge first and foremost the incredible durability at play. This lighting solution is made with high-quality materials such as an all die-cast aluminum cage and hardware and thermal shock resistant glass, for a fixture of incredible durability. The cage design fully protects not only the glass fixture but also the bulb and inner workings of the system. The cage makes the bulb practically indestructible in theory. It is UL listed so it can handle wet locations and the elements with ease. The LED technology of the light itself is made with the latest industry standards and regulations. With a 100,000-hour life based on LM-80 tests, this light features above average lighting ability. Backed by a 5-year warranty as a testament to the outstanding performance expectations and longevity, this is a lighting product that will outlast and outperform all others. With a low-end watt pull of 26W and stand voltages of 120 - 277, this is an efficient light source that gives great lumen output for a bright, dependable light where you need it most. The CRI ranges from 68-82 and the CCT is from 3000K to 4900K.

Final Thoughts

This is a reliable solution built to last for many years. The construction is top notch and the execution of the design is both traditional and sleek in equal measure.

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