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LED Bulkhead Lighting Fixtures 

The right lighting solution can transform a location from dark and dingey to downright pleasant for staff and customers alike. With the use of LED bulkhead wall packs, your business can ensure the right lighting levels for safety, security, and appearances all in one compact solution. Best of all, LED lighting is known to operate more efficiently than comparative options thanks to the lower wattage of energy consumed and lack of heat production when converting energy to lumen output. LED also lasts a long time as a result of the no heat factor for fixtures that are both money-saving and long-lasting.

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We offer a range of options when shopping for the latest in LED bulkhead wall packs. Choose from a range of sizes and shapes to get the best outcome for the needs of the space. Whether you prefer the round or square shape, we have you covered with options that perform the way you need while adding an attractive appearance to the space. These solutions are made to mount to the wall and avoid the unpleasant scenario of a wall fixture producing too much into the walkway or away from the building. These profiles are slim enough to stay out of the way while still offering impressive light sources. When shopping this selection of bulkhead wall packs, you will notice different designs such as options with fully exposed lenses and options with a half cutout design. The half cutout design offers a smaller light spread that is more concentrated than the options without the cutout. The right one for you will depend on the needs of the space and how much light you need. Our bulkhead wall packs come in many different body color finishes and color temperatures, as well as various other specifications such as lumen output, wattage, and voltage. The diversity of our selection ensures you always find exactly what you need without hassle. Order today and add some much needed light to the outdoor area of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bulkhead Wall Pack Lights?

Bulkhead Lights are outdoor fixtures with a nautical aesthetic design that are mounted to walls. They resemble portholes on the hulls of industrial era ships. They contribute to safety and security by ensuring that outdoor areas are always well-lit.

Where are Bulkhead Lights used?

Bulkhead Wall Pack Lights are used in commercial and industrial applications. Multiple fixtures can be mounted to a single wall and evenly spaced to provide an even light spread for a particular area such as a walkway or an alley. Warehouses, shopping centers, factories and hospitals are some examples of locations that they are utilized. Here are some examples of where wall pack lights are used:

What are the different types of Bulkhead Wall Pack Lights?

Typically, a Bulkhead Wall Light will have a housing that is attached to a wall and a lens that projects light out and/or down from the wall. They have the following characteristics:

  • Shape – Usually round, oval, square or rectangular
  • Lens – Usually glass or polycarbonate
  • Guard – This is a grid or covering that protects the lens from impact but also serves to give these fixtures their aesthetic appeal.

What are the benefits of outdoor bulkhead lights?

LED Bulkhead Lights provide many advantages over their HID or fluorescent counterparts:

  • They use less energy which saves on utility costs.
  • Wall Pack lights with their bright light output make them an ideal choice for illuminating building perimeters where control of spill light is important.
  • LED Wall Pack Lighting quality is superior in terms of color rendering, color temperature and lumen output (compared to wattage used).
  • LED outdoor bulkheads have a much longer lifespan which means that the lights need to be replaced less frequently than other types.