Locker Room Lighting

Every area has its own unique lighting needs based on the location itself. When it comes to achieving the right gym locker room lighting for example, it requires a few careful considerations to achieve the right outcome. Here are a few tips to help you tackle locker room lighting in your location.

locker room with wood benches

Focus on glares

When it comes to locker room lighting, the matter of glares needs to be addressed in choosing and designing the lighting plan. Since this is an area with a lot of mirrors, there is a high potential for blinding glares as illumination bounces off these reflective surfaces. There are a few solutions to help reduce glares in this setting for an enjoyable area for your gym members. For starters, LED is known to offer a glare-free light source, especially if you add diffusers to make the light gentler overall. You should also pay attention to where the fixture is placed to make sure the light spread is directed just above the mirrors at the wall if possible to reduce glares.

Choose the right color temperature

Color temperature is how warm or cool illumination appears to the eye. A warm light is more on the yellow side while a cool color temperature is white to blue-white. For a gym locker room, you want a color temperature that is pleasing to the eye and inviting but not so inviting it makes the space look dim or dirty. If you go too warm in color temperature, you run the risk of looking like your location has something to hide and is trying to cover it up with lighting temperature. If you go too cool in color temperature, it can be too harsh and jarring on the eyes. Aim for around 3500k-4000k for this area in terms of color temperature.

Mix and match fixture types

When looking at locker room lighting in terms of the right fixtures, there are a few safe bets to consider. For instance, recessed fixtures placed directly in the ceiling are a good idea for locker rooms to help protect the fixture and create a clean, safe space free from hanging fixtures getting in the way of guests or creating unpleasant shadows. Wall sconces are another good choice for this area since they can add some uplight and downlight to add to the overall lumen count of the space and look attractive in the process.

Choose the right shower area fixtures

In most gym locker rooms, there are showers for the convenience of guests. This area requires special consideration when planning the lighting plan. You need wet rated or at the very least damp rated fixtures for this area that are well gasketed to ensure they are long lasting given the conditions. The fixtures need to be placed high up on the ceiling to give the best light spread for this area, but you will most likely want individual light fixtures above the shower stalls to provide ample light for guests. Recessed is a great choice for this area to help further protect it from moisture damage, but that doesn't mean you can simply install recessed troffers and call it a day. You definitely want wet or damp rated fixtures for this area.

Light saunas and steam rooms the right way

Another unique area in a gym locker room is the sauna. Saunas use dry heat so this should be taken into consideration when choosing any additional light sources. This area will require an overhead light that is rated for heat environments and preferably recessed for even better protection. If the location has a steam room, this area also produces heat, but it produces moisture as well so make sure the fixture is rated for wet areas and check the heat standards on the fixture as well. For both areas, the goal is to create a relaxing environment for guests so make sure you don't overdo it in terms of lumen output or color temperature. For these areas, go for a warm color temperature around 2700k and keep the lumens low based on the square footage of the space.

Opt for LED

Keeping all of these other elements in mind while shopping for fixtures to light this space, LED is able to rise to the occasion with ease. LED offers high lumen output for a bright space while offering lower wattages of energy consumed for better utility costs for this location. It is also incredibly long lasting and durable for added ease. LED is also available in a wide range of color temperatures so you can get the right option for locker areas, saunas, showers, and more. Best of all, LED is available in wet rated options capable of withstanding heat, as well as a wide range of fixture types and appearances to accommodate any need.