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High Bay Lights & Lighting Fixtures

What is high bay lighting and when should it be used? Let's take a look at the answers to these questions and more with a few main points regarding high bay lighting.

  • The use of high bay lighting is only suitable for ceilings meeting a certain height requirement. If a location uses high bay in a low bay ceiling, the location will be overpowered with the illumination and on the reverse side, if a location uses low bay fixtures in a high bay ceiling, the end result will be inadequate light spread and poor illumination in the space.
  • The general guideline for when to use this type of lighting is when the ceiling is over 20 feet, but it can be used in ceilings as low as 15 feet, depending on the location. They can work in ceilings of over 20 feet as well which is ideal for locations with high ceilings.
  • There are certain benefits to using high bay lights in a location. For starters, they will provide the right light spread for the area. They are also typically made with a focus on heavy-duty construction and long-lasting performance since high bays are usually used in areas such as industrial locations, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

Regardless of whether you're bringing brightness to a warehouse, factory, school gymnasium, or any large space, high bay light fixtures are sure to be your go-to method of choice. Ideal for large settings that need bright illumination and long-lasting quality, these high bay lights are perfect for the consumer who wants a low-maintenance lamp that offers quality performance. We include several options for high bay light fixtures in our selection, which means that you'll be able to find the perfect setup for your unique needs. Included in our selection are T5, T8, T5HO and LED options. Each of these options provides a professional-grade illumination that is clear and long-lasting to help illuminate your space with ease while accommodating the height of the ceiling.

The kind of lighting you'll need depends in large part on the type of space you're attempting to furnish. For this reason, we carry a few dozen types and sizes of high bay light fixtures. From domed varieties to long lamp banks, we offer a large selection of styles and powers to meet your needs. We even offer LED solutions which can help save on utility costs and lamp replacements over time. No matter what you choose, we guarantee that we will offer something that can fill your needs and make your space feel crisp, bright, and clean. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we will gladly assist you on the matter.

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New Items:

LED Food Service and Laboratory High Bay, 200 watt

LED Food Service and Laboratory High Bay, 200 watt, 100-277V

Price: $554.90
Premium LED High Bay (126 watt version)

Premium LED High Bay, 660 Watt, 97,264 Lumens

Price: $987.00
Premium LED High Bay (126 watt version)

Premium LED High Bay, 495 Watt, 78,800 Lumens

Price: $784.00
Premium LED High Bay (126 watt version)

Premium LED High Bay, 252 Watt, 40,820 Lumens

Price: $579.00