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1X4 Recessed / Troffer Retrofit Lighting Kits

When looking for the best in recessed 1x4 troffer retrofit lighting kits, we have you covered with affordable options manufactured with exceptional performance and durability in mind. These lighting kits are ideal for an easy update of older recessed lighting models for a more energy efficient option offering better illumination. With their improved scope of lighting with lower costs of energy consumption compared to older T12 or T8 models, they are ideal for a range of settings such as office buildings, industrial settings, and general needs like hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Best of all, recessed lighting is installed directly into the ceiling grid providing a wider scope of illumination.

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Troffer Fixture Retrofit Kit, 1x4
Standard 1x4 Kit Includes
  • 1 - 1400T series aluminum reflector made from your choice of specified material (95%) Specular Enhanced, (93%) Micro Matte, or (92%) White
  • 2 - 1000T series white-painted stamped aluminum brackets
  • 2, 4 or 6 - Shunted or unshunted high quality UL approved lamp holders
  • 2 - Quarter turns
  • 5 - Tek screws

Price: $14.42

American Made UL Listed

Our inventory of high-quality recessed 1x4 troffer retrofit lighting kits come in a variety of specifications and design features to meet different needs. We feature only the best selection in terms of quality manufacturing and personally have tested each model ourselves to make sure you get the high-performing lighting solutions you deserve. The 1x4 troffer retrofit lighting kits offered include all of the necessary hardware, including lamp holders, brackets, and screws, for an easy installation when updating older T12 lights into a more modern fixture. Choose from either aluminum or white reflectors with 95 percent specular enhanced material, 93 percent, micro matte, or 92 percent white for different light disbursements.

There are also variations available in the number of lamps, ballast type including standard, low and high, as well as wattage capacities, size, and mirrored reflectors. All of the options shown feature ballasts that have been UL and CEE approved for energy rebates to help save even more on the costs. Each option also features a warranty to ensure satisfaction and performance for years to come. From the easy installation process to the money-saving efficiency, these lighting options would make a great addition to any location in need of superior lighting at an affordable price.

If you have any questions about the troffer retrofit lights we offer or need advice on finding the right lighting option for your location, we would be happy to help. Our team of lighting experts are waiting to assist you today!

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Troffer Fixture Retrofit Kit, 1x4

Troffer Fixture Retrofit Kit, 1x4

Price: $14.42