Dorm Room Lighting

Dorm Room Lighting

When it comes to designing dorm room lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind. While the students moving into the dorms will usually create their own levels of task lighting, the overhead solutions and fixtures installed during construction have a huge impact on dorm room lighting. Here are a few tips to help make this area of lighting as efficient and helpful as possible for the student.

Understand the impact of natural lighting.

When choosing dorm room lighting solutions, it is best to calculate the amount of natural light the space will receive. If a room has larger windows which have the potential to let in high levels of light, the need for artificial lighting will be decreased. When factoring the lumen output per square foot, always consider natural light as part of the configuration. However, keep in mind that students will need certain levels of artificial lighting for night. For example, most students will use task lighting more than overhead lighting at night.

Don’t worry about task lighting.

For students living in a dorm room, having a few lamps is the key to successful task lighting. Since the student will take care of task lighting on their own, it is not an area to be concerned with during the construction phase.

Consider wall mounted fixtures.

While an overhead fixture, whether a ceiling mounted option or a recessed, offers great general lighting, a few carefully placed wall sconces can help make the room feel more like a home away from home for students. When considering this type of fixture as part of the lighting plan, pay attention to directional light fall. For example, installing this type of lighting solution over the bed area would be distracting for students and the light would shine in their eyes. Try placing this type of fixture near a doorway to create gentle tones of illumination that won’t be overpowering to any central areas of the room.

Choose energy efficient solutions.

When planning lighting, it is always best to think long term. With energy efficient solutions, you can ensure lighting will last for a long time for the ease of everyone involved in dorm room lighting. Choose compact fluorescent or LED technology for the best solution. These options will last longer while consuming less energy than other solutions such as incandescent.

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