The Ultimate Guide to Light Your Gym and Arena with LED Lights

The Ultimate Guide to Light Your Gym and Arena with LED Lights

For more than a decade, Warehouse Lighting has served numerous industries with cutting-edge lighting solutions for both commercial and residential use. Our items are used in a wide range of small- to large-scale projects, from yoga studio lighting to light fixtures for warehouses. And, because there are many areas that need to be illuminated within their facilities, many business owners in the fitness industry turn to our company for arena and gym lighting products. 

Whether they're current members or just visiting on a day-pass, you want your patrons to feel as comfortable as possible, from pumping iron in the workout area to getting dressed in the locker room. Ultimately, people go to a fitness center to exercise, but they won't stick around for very long if the facility looks rundown or they feel uneasy. That's why it's crucial for all of your gym lights to be clean, fully functional and bright. If you're new to upgrading your gym or arena lights, we'll fill you in on the interior and exterior fixtures that should be regularly updated and maintained to keep your business looking great and adhere to the highest safety standards.

Interior Lights

Sure, your main goal is to keep the workout room and indoor or outdoor arena lights top-notch, whether on the basketball court or in the cycling room. But working out in a great gym is about so much more than exercising in the fitness areas — it's the motivational ambiance that your members feel upon stepping through the doors. Without proper lighting throughout the interior of the gym, the energetic vibe of the facility can get thrown off and patrons may not be as focused to perform at their optimal fitness level. From the exit signs to the drop ceiling lights illuminating each of your fitness classrooms, it's crucial that your gym lighting fixtures are just bright enough to light up the areas around them without harshly blinding your gym members. Here are some areas within the interior of your fitness center that can benefit from updated LED gym lights:

Locker Rooms

Don't get us wrong — aside from restrooms and showers, gym locker rooms are designed to be the most private and safest area for patrons. However, they can be breeding grounds for trouble if they are not completely lit up. Not only will your members feel uncomfortable using them to change before and after their workouts, situations such as theft or property damage can happen in dark spots where nobody can see. This is why locker room lighting should always be a priority upgrading your gym lighting. To avoid any issues, make sure you evenly and strategically place LED gym lights in spots where no glares from mirrors can occur. Additionally, you'll want your LED gym lighting to be in the color temperature "sweet spot," which is about 3500-4000K.

Pools, Restrooms and Showers

For pools and showers, you'll want to have gym lighting fixtures that are specifically designed for wet areas. Restrooms and showers should have high-powered and very bright fixtures to provide extra safety. However, due to all of the water that light can bounce off, you can't have any fixtures that are too harsh for your pool. We recommend diffused recessed lighting such as what you would get from the Eiko LED 4 Inch Commercial Downlight or Euri Lighting Ultra-Slim 4" Recessed Downlight. These products, like other recessed fixtures, will not only keep your pool visible at all hours of the day, but they are also better suited for the pool than suspended LED lights which can be riskier to hang in wet areas.

Basketball Arenas

Some gyms have indoor or outdoor basketball courts, both of which will need great basketball arena lighting solutions to avoid disrupting the flow of intense games or casual practices. For indoor courts, your arena lights should meet three main criteria:

  1. They light up the court without blinding players in critical spots.
  2. The color rendering is a smooth white tone.
  3. The LED arena lights are low in wattage and don't cause a glare.

Depending on your preferences, you can go with either high bay or low bay lights, but make sure you have a solid plan of how you'll map out and place these LEDs. 

Exterior Lights

As far as arena or gym lighting goes, exterior lights are just as important as interior lights. Whether your space is located in a busy, high-traffic area or somewhere more secluded, you must promise your members the same level of security outside of your gym as you do inside (within your control, of course). Here are three outdoor gym lighting solutions to consider:

Parking Lot Lighting

Whether your gym members get a nice spot up in the front or they get their steps in by parking in the back, the outside of your gym should be filled with premium parking lot lights and poles to provide your patrons with extra security at various times of the morning, day or night. Parking lot lighting can be a costly investment, depending on how large or small your lot is, but we've made it more affordable for business owners by offering our products at the best value. Some of the gym lighting fixtures you can order for your parking lot include: 

Outdoor Arena Lights

If your basketball court is outside, your outdoor arena lights should follow the same criteria. However, they also need to be weather-resistant, so it's mandatory that you only use outdoor lighting products. This also applies to outdoor arena lights for other areas, such as baseball or soccer fields, or even stadium lighting. Using any type of indoor LED fixture can cause damage to the bulb and risk causing dangerous electrical problems. Fortunately, we carry many great flood lights such as The QUASAR G2 LED Shoebox Floodlight or the SATCO 70 Watt LED Floodlight.

Security Lights

Lastly, security lights are essential for giving your business that full blanket of safety. You can add security lighting to the loading dock, doorways or alleyways to protect your members, staff or property itself. Whether the 2 Head LED Dimmable Security Light by Westgate Manufacturing has caught your attention or you're interested in purchasing a set of LED Security Flood Lights by RAB Lighting, these products will minimize the risks associated with running your gym (or any business). 

Order Premium Arena and Gym Lighting Products

Now that you have an idea of what all goes into gym lights, fixtures and more, it's time to start giving your gym a well-needed makeover. Whether you're starting it from the ground up or just need to update some fixtures within the cardio area, our LED gym lights and arena lights are sure to make a significant difference that will help keep your members loyal to your business. Browse our products today or contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to bringing out the best in your gym lighting!