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1x4 Fluorescent Troffer Lights 

Fluorescent lighting is one of the most commonly used lighting solutions because it offers reliable illumination and dependable performance. With our selection of 1x4 fluorescent troffer lights, you can add this reliable lighting solution to your space with ease and affordability. Our inventory of 1x4 fluorescent troffer light fixtures has been specifically designed for inside institutional lighting areas such as offices, schools, and other areas requiring light that is the perfect mix of brightness and gentleness. They can also be used in home areas such as hallways, bathrooms, and more. Our high-quality reflectors allow light to spread down and out from the bottom of the fixture for an evenly disbursed illumination.

1x4 Fluorescent Troffer Lights

We offer 1x4 fluorescent troffer lights with reflectors available in Miro 4 and White. The energy consumption of these high bay lights is usually 54 watt T5s and 32 watt T8s which can have noticeable savings on your utilities costs.

Our 1x4 fluorescent troffer light fixtures are constructed of the highest quality materials for a long-lasting lighting solution. The housings are made of quality steel and lens covers are made with plastic for a fixture built to offer dependable performance for many years. Choose from your choice of ballast type including emergency, whips, dual ballast, and others.

The electrical components in our recessed troffer lights are made with the highest of manufacturing standards from the hardware to the lamp sockets. Fixture ballasts are from trusted brand names and are backed by a 5-year warranty in most cases for peace of mind. We offer fixture ballasts that are CEE and UL approved. Many models of this type of lighting are rebate compatible to allow applying for energy rebates no matter what state or utility that may be offering it!

At, we are here to help with any of your troffer lighting needs or questions you may have about our products. Please feel free to contact anyone in customer service for expert advice or assistance in finding the right solution for your location and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 1x4 fluorescent troffer lights?

1x4 fluorescent troffer lights are fixtures that are 4 feet in length and 1 foot wide in size. They use fluorescent lamps in a tube shape. The term troffer means the fixture uses tube lighting and is installed directly inside the ceiling.

Where are 1x4 fluorescent troffers used?

Thanks to the size, 1x4 fluorescent troffers can be used in a range of spaces. They are ideal for schools, hospitals, offices, and even residential uses. They are also great for hallways or walkways that are narrower yet still need ample illumination. Here is a sampling of where 1x4 fluorescent troffers can be used:

What are the benefits of 1x4 fluorescent troffers?

The main benefit is that the size makes them ideal for a range of spaces without the source of illumination being too overpowering. The use of fluorescent lamps promises a bright yet gentle light that is never too harsh on the eyes. Troffer style lighting is always a benefit because it is easy to install and more importantly, easy to clean and maintain over the years.