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2x4 Fluorescent Troffer Lights 

Fluorescent lighting offers dependable and powerful illumination without being overbearing in brightness. With our inventory of 2x4 fluorescent troffer light fixtures, you get the best in performance and durability for a range of applications and settings. A few of the most common applications for 2x4 fluorescent troffer light fixtures are office, general illumination, hallways, bathrooms and many more. With their pleasing visual style and reliable performance, 2x4 fluorescent troffer lights are a versatile and popular lighting solution. They add a gentle illumination to any space with their reflectors designed to disbursed light in a downward path without shadows.

2x4 Fluorescent Troffer Lights

Our inventory of 2x4 fluorescent troffer lights offers products by leading names in the lighting industry, including Texas Fluorescents and WareLight, for quality and performance you can trust. We offer American-made lighting products of exceptional value for a lighting solution designed with the highest of standards. Choose from your choice of lamp numbers ranging from 2 to 4 lamps, as well as a range of watts including T5HO 54 watt and T8 32 watt. Choose from various ballast and reflector types to find the perfect lighting option for your specific needs. We offer both grid patterns and smooth surfaces depending on your preference. These lighting fixtures are all made of durable materials, such as steel and plastic, for a solution built to last for many years without issue. In fact, most models are offered with lengthy warranties from the manufacturer, as well as energy rebates, for even more peace of mind. Many of these high-quality light fixtures are CEE and UL listed.

At, we are committed to being your source for all your lighting needs. We offer one of the largest selections of high-quality lighting solutions to help you stay on budget and on track with your project. If you have any questions about these exceptional products or need help finding the right choice for your needs, our customer service representatives would be happy to help. Call, chat, or order online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of 2x4 fluorescent troffers?

2x4 fluorescent troffers offer ample light spread from a solution that is bright yet gentle on the eyes. The size works well in a range of locations and areas while the recessed nature makes them easy to care for in terms of cleaning. This type of lighting is also more affordable than other options, such as LED, for a good value and a dependable lighting solution.

What kind of businesses need 2x4 fluorescent troffers?

Thanks to the size and overall performance, this type of lighting solution is well-suited to a range of businesses. This fixture is ideal for locations such as malls, grocery stores, schools, restaurants, and more. Here are some examples of where 2x4 fluorescent troffer light fixtures can be used:

How do you install 2x4 fluorescent troffers?

First, make sure the power is off to avoid the possibility of shock hazards.

Next, remove the ceiling panels for where the fixture will be installed.

Drill holes into the inner ceiling to fit the size of the anchors in the exact placement of the opening so it will line up correctly.

Screw the eye bolts into the anchors.

Next, place the fixture in the T-bar framework before connecting the luminaire to the eye bolts.

Attach the corresponding circuit wires before installing the ballast cover.

Finally, install the lamps, close the cover over the lamps, and turn the breaker back on to use the light.