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4 ft. Fluorescent Vapor Tight Light Fixtures 

Whether placed outdoors or placed indoors in a damp environment, the light fixtures you choose for your industrial or warehouse setting need to be strong enough to survive for years of use. With our selection of 4-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights, finding the right solution has never been easier or more affordable.

4 ft Vapor Tight Fluorescent Lights

We offer a diverse selection of 4-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights in both T8 and T5 types to accommodate a range of needs. Choose from 1, 2, and 3 lamps to find the lighting power that is right for the space with these affordable options. Made to be durable and long-lasting, these 4-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights are well gasketed to avoid any water, dust, or debris getting inside the fixture or housing, so you end up with a great looking fixture that lasts for years of use. With standard voltages of 120-277 available, get the option that is right for your specifications. Made in America on most models, these 4-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights are UL listed for wet/damp locations making them ideal for a range of applications or locations. From the polycarbonate lenses to the strong housing, these units are built to last and are even backed by separate warranties on the fixture itself and the internal ballast component. Many of these options are versatile in how you install them meaning they can be either surface mounted to the ceiling or in a suspended chain style to meet your preferences or the dynamics of the given space. Best of all, we can ship these fixtures to you within 3-5 business days on most models for added convenience for your needs. From the matter of performance and durability to ease of installation, these fixtures are a smart choice without any hassle on your end. If you have any questions regarding any of the products we offer, please contact us today for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of 4-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights?

There are a few options when looking for this solution. You have options such as high bay intended for higher ceilings and wet-rated intended for wet locations.

Where are 4-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights used?

Fluorescent vapor tight lights are used in locations where durability is paramount. Vapor tight lights are manufactured with heavy-duty rubber gaskets to seal the fixture off from detriments such as dust, moisture, dirt, and vapors. They are also often wet rated for added protection. Thanks to this incredible durability, this type of light fixture is ideal for use in areas, both indoors and outdoors, where the conditions may be a bit harsher. They can be used in locations such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, aquatic centers, equestrian centers, and more. Here are some examples of where 4-foot vapor tight fluorescent lights can be used:

What are the benefits of 4-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights?

The benefit is that these lights are durable and long-lasting even in tough environments. They bring reliable illumination to just about any space while offering incomparable longevity thanks to the well-sealed gaskets.