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Outdoor Hanging Lanterns 

When it comes to the right lighting solutions for an outdoor space, the solution needs to be powerful, durable, and offer a bit of style all at once. With the use of outdoor hanging lanterns, make the most of your home or business with a great new addition. We offer one of the largest selection of LED outdoor hanging lanterns on the market to help make shopping easier than ever.

Add Style with Outdoor Hanging Lights

From modern to traditional styles, has a wide variety of outdoor hanging lanterns for your commercial or residential property from all the top brands. Choose from trusted names such as Maxim Lighting, Sea Gull Lighting, and more at affordable prices. When shopping for outdoor hanging lanterns, you will notice a wide range of specifications and options to help you pinpoint the right one for you. Whether you need 1 lamp for a smaller space or up to 3 lamps for a larger area, we have you covered.

Choose from a wide range of options on matters such as a range of wattages and lumen outputs. The wattage is how much energy the fixture consumes to produce illumination while the lumens is essentially how bright the fixture is to the eye. These two factors will help you determine the right choice for your needs, as well as the other factors available such as the color temperature, color rendering index, and voltage.

While these options are high performing, they are also stylish which is why there are so many finishes available for your shopping needs. Whether searching for a bronze antique color or a modern chrome look, you have plenty of choices in the finish to make the right call.

You also have choices in terms of the glass color for added control over the end result. These products will help you achieve the look you desire for your location with reliable solutions powered by the impressive force of LED lamps so you can have it all. Order today or contact us with any questions for additional assistance while shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Outdoor Hanging Lanterns?

Outdoor hanging lanterns are light fixtures that are hung from ceilings or posts via a chain, cord or stem and are used for outdoor applications. They are rated for damp or wet locations. Here are some examples of outdoor hanging lights:

Where are Outdoor Hanging Lights used?

Outdoor hanging lights are used in commercial and residential areas. They are often used as hanging porch lights and as hanging pendant lights used in entryways, doorways, decks, pathways, yards and patios.

What are the different types of Outdoor Hanging Lanterns?

Outdoor Hanging Lanterns are available in many different styles and lamp designs. Traditional and contemporary are just a few of the styles offered to suit any theme for an outdoor space. They are also available with one or more lamps.

What are the benefits of LED Outdoor Hanging Lanterns?

LED Outdoor Hanging Lanterns offer many advantages over older technologies. They are instant-on when powered up, they do not flicker or need to warm up. The light is uniform and tends not to degrade over time. LEDs do not generate as much heat as fluorescent lights. They have a very long life which reduces the need to replace them frequently and are more energy efficient than other lighting options.