Gooseneck & Barn Lighting Applications

Lighting is always changing to evolve into a more modern and efficient solution over the models of the past. While the function of lighting has certainly improved with time, many of the stylistic features of the past are making a comeback. With their rustic throwback vibe and their ease of installation, gooseneck and barn lighting applications are on the rise. When it comes to finding the right gooseneck and barn lighting applications, there are a few things to consider first.

  • Know your codes and ratings for your location. Since gooseneck and barn lighting applications have become a popular style on the market, they are now being utilized for both indoor and outdoor settings. While they are more commonly seen outdoors, it has become trendy for restaurants, bars, and other commercial spaces to use smaller gooseneck lights indoors to create a rustic, old-fashioned vibe. If you are looking for an outdoor gooseneck, you need to verify the ratings to ensure it is appropriate for exposure to outdoor conditions such as heat, rain, sun, and wind. Check the IP rating for the dust proof and waterproof capabilities, as well as the UL listing for wet or damp locations.
  • Choose the right shade and arm mount. Most gooseneck lighting is wall mounted with an arm to secure the fixture and a shade that helps cast light downwards. When choosing the arm, you need to consider the length of the fixture, as well as the circumference of the shade, to ensure you get the right option. For example, an arm will usually be measured to place the fixture with enough distance so the shade will not touch the wall it is mounted on, but if you are choosing to mix and match your arm and shade, or purchasing used lighting, you will need to verify this information.
  • Plan your lights to help draw attention. While gooseneck lighting can be used simply for decorative purpose, they are best utilized over areas such as signs, doorways, tables, or other areas of interest. If you are planning to use a gooseneck or barn style light for this purpose, proper measurements need to be completed. For instance, if you want to use gooseneck lighting to highlight a sign, you may need more than one to get an evenly distributed light source that looks professional and clean.
  • Choose a durable option that still offers style. The best option for this type of lighting is one that is made of a durable body, well-gasketed to avoid damage, and has an attractive finish that does double duty to protect the surface of the fixture. It is essential to the longevity of your fixture and the return on your lighting investment that you investigate these elements of durability and style to get the best choice.