LED Lighting and Test Taking

LED Lighting and Test Taking

When it comes to test taking in the classroom, the right environment has been proven to play a role. While most of us know that there is a connection between proper lighting and visibility, the connection actually goes much deeper. Let's take a closer look at LED lighting and test-taking in relation to one another.

Lumens/Light Quality

The first connection worth noting between LED lighting and test-taking is the lumen output. LED provides a brighter light source with a higher lumen for better visibility. Students need proper lighting to take a test and LED is a great choice for classrooms or testing centers. LED is also consistent and flicker-free which means it is less distraction to test takers than other solutions. LED also reduces glares and shadows which makes it ideal for test-taking.

Color Temperature

The main LED lighting and test-taking outcome worth noting is related to color temperature. In a recent study, it was found that color temperature plays a direct role in test scores. The study involved two sperate classrooms of students taking the same test. The only difference was that one classroom had lamps in a color temperature of 6500k on the Kelvin scale while the other one had a warmer color temperature. The students with the 6500k color temperature scored better on their tests as a result of the lighting. It has long been established that humans are directly impacted by the color of lights. For example, we know that color temperature from lighting affects everything from sleep patterns to moods. With warmer color temperatures, a more relaxing environment is created whereas cooler temperatures simulate daylight and keep us alert.

The use of LED lamps in test-taking scenarios is a good idea but there are a few things to keep in mind. While there are other lights capable of operating on a high-end Kelvin scale, LED offers the highest color temperature on the scale. Does this mean you should switch all the lamps to LED with a color temperature of 6500k or higher? Not exactly. For starters, while 6500k is ideal for test-taking, it may be too cool for the entire day so it is better suited to rooms where test-taking is the only objective. It is also worth noting that going higher than the 6500k didn't improve test scores more just because the light color was cooler. 6500k is more like the top out in terms of color temperature rather than a starting point in terms of test-taking lighting.

Source: https://www.osa.org/en-us/about_osa/newsroom/news_releases/2016/optimizing_lighting_for_better_learning/

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