Lighting Upgrades for Renters

Lighting Upgrades for Renters

If you are a renter, you probably have very little say in certain design elements of your home. When it comes to lighting, it can play a big role in impacting your mood overall, so it is important to try to make the best of it even if you rent instead of own. Here are a few lighting upgrades for renters to help you make the space more personalized for your needs.

1. Find the right color temperature

While you may not have much say over the style of the fixture or the type in terms of fluorescent or LED, you can find the right color temperature for your preferences. The color temperature is how warm or cool a lamp is and can be seen in the tinge of the visible color. For instance, a warmer bulb will give a more yellow output compared to a cooler bulb which produces a white to blue-white output. Warmer tones are better for areas such as living rooms and bedrooms where relaxation is the main goal. Cooler temperatures are ideal for kitchens and home offices. Color temperature is one of the easiest ways for a renter to have more control over the lighting.

2. Add a plug-in dimmer

Another great way to take back control as a renter is with plug-in dimmers. Dimmers allow you to adjust the lighting levels in the room to accommodate the activity and needs. If you want maximum brightness when concentrating on a task, dimmers help. When you want to create ambient lighting that is lower for relaxing, dimmers are the best solution. While some dimmers are built into the fixture, plug-in dimmers work outside of the fixture so you don’t need to violate any renter’s agreement to install them.

3. Add plug-in wall sconces

If the overhead lighting doesn’t work for you, you can add a few thoughtfully placed plug-in wall sconces. The cord can be hidden by way of artwork or furniture to keep the area looking clean. Wall sconces are a great way to get an equal mix of uplight and downlight in a space as opposed to all downlight from overhead fixtures.

4. Add your own accent lighting

Accent lighting can make any place instantly more charming. Accent lighting can be added pretty much anywhere in your rental home with the use of battery operated accent lights in the form of round lights you can screw into place, as well as plug-in strip lighting. These can be placed in the kitchen under cabinets, in the closet for gentler light, or anywhere you would like to add some renter friendly ambiance lighting.

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