Unexpected Places Safety Bulbs Need to be Used

Unexpected Places Safety Bulbs Need to be Used

When most people think of safety bulbs, they think of certain locations where this type of lighting is common such as areas with gases, vapors, or other hazardous conditions. This type of lighting is actually ideal for a wide range of applications. Let's take a look at some of the more unexpected places safety bulbs need to be used.

1. Kitchens

When looking at unexpected places safety bulbs need to be used, the kitchen is a top choice. Whether this is a commercial kitchen or the one in your home, safety coated bulbs are a smart addition to this space. Why? Because heat and vapors are constantly traveling up towards the ceiling and this can cause lamps to burst. With safety coated bulbs, if the lamps do shatter, the special coating keeps all the shards of glass intact so they don't end up causing injury or going into pots of food cooking on a stove.

2. Shower/tub

If you have light fixtures directly above the shower or tub in your home, safety bulbs are a good choice for this area. Similar to the kitchen, there will be steam, moisture, and some heat in these tiny spaces where a bulb sending glass everywhere could lead to serious injuries for you and your family. Since no one wants to take a bubble bath with shards of broken glass, this is one area you definitely should consider using safety coated lamps.

3. Nursery/kid's rooms

If you have little ones, you always want to protect them from any and all harm which is why safety coated lamps are a smart move in nurseries and kid's rooms. If the lamps do burst, the glass won't go flying all over creating sharp projectiles to harm your kids. This is also great if you have particularly rambunctious kids so that if they ever bump into the lamps, the lamps won't injure them in the process.

4. Garage

The garage is another one of the more uncommon places where safety coated bulbs are a good idea. Imagine you are working on your vehicle with the hood up and the bulb overhead shatters sending shards of glass all over. A shatter proof safety coated bulb is a good idea in this area to safeguard your vehicle from harm.

5. Kennels

Another place where safety coated bulbs are a good idea is kennels. If you are in charge of a kennel, you know important it is to keep the animals safe. If a lamp shatters overhead, it will send glass flying into the eyes and ears of these beloved pets. With safety coated bulbs in this area, you avoid any animals being hurt should a bulb break.

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