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4 Foot LED Strip Light Retrofit Kits

We have various configurations of 4-foot strip retrofit lighting kits and bracket kits to modernize older lighting structures for better energy efficiency. We offer the most needed options such as single lamp bracket kits, 2-lamp retrofit kits, 3-lamp T8 bracket kits, T5 retrofit conversion kits and more. Some of these fluorescent lighting retrofit kits include Miro-4 reflectors. Others include white ballast covers.

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We offer many options of 4-foot strip retrofit lighting kits ideal for changing an older T12 fluorescent light fixture to being able to use the more energy efficient T8 fluorescent tubes. When it comes to lighting, there are a few basics to keep in mind when choosing your 4-foot strip retrofit lighting kits, especially when deciphering the differences between T8, T12 fluorescent, T5 light fixtures, and LED options.

The T12 is the oldest, and it has a larger and less efficient bulb size than the T8. It also has a magnetic ballast, whereas the T8 uses an electronic ballast. Because of this, it doesn't produce the loud humming sound that the T12 bulbs do, and it doesn't flicker. The T5 is a smaller bulb than the others. It has the longest lifespan and gives off more light with less wattage. LEDs use the latest technology, and can last up to 50,000 hours. However, they are more expensive than the fluorescent bulbs. has the parts you need, whether it's for a T12 to T5 retrofit or T12 to T8 conversion. Find the perfect 4-foot strip retrofit lighting kits for your location and lighting needs.

When you want to upgrade your old fixtures with newer and greater technology, check out our selection of retrofit options. We have many 4-foot strip retrofit lighting kits that will let you make quick and easy replacements for your old fixtures. From sockets to brackets to screws and more, you can get every part you need at one place and get through your project without hassle. We are dedicated to helping you get the high-quality light fixtures you need to make your space perfectly visible any time of day, and will work with you to ensure you get the perfect match for your needs. Check out our collection of options and get the best choice for you.